Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat!

We had so much fun with Ansley today. She learned how to carve a pumpkin and how much fun it is to trick or treat. We can't wait to take her in the future.

Friday fun

Ok, so it didn't begin so fun. I made a yummy upside down apple pie for the party we were going to and as I was flipping it onto the plate, it slipped right through my hands and fell (while still in the glass pie plate) right smack on my foot. I just knew that underneath the pie mess I would find my big toe hanging by a thread since the glass shattered all over my bare foot. But...I'm fine. The pie wasn't.

Later that night we dressed up and headed to the party. Jeff and I were throwback (he was FFA president and I was a cheerleader) and Ansley was candycorn. I made another apple pie after the first catastrophe and it was great. The party was so much fun...lots of food and Rockband. I'm posting the video of our friend rocking out on the guitar. HILARIOUS! He's got to be sore today!

That's my pie mess all in a plastic bag in the sink. NOT fun to clean!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One busy little girl

Making sure Grandpa did a good job building my crib.

My hand with Daddy's.

It's so difficult to take pictures of Ansley now that she's all over the place. I took a million yesterday and got a few good ones.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Crawling...for real

Ansley was cracking me up tonight because she was chasing our Cocker Spaniel, Molly, all over the living room. She just really wanted to grab Molly's feet. But, Molly was having none of it. Little does she know, it's just beginning. Please ignore how shaggy she is...I haven't had much time to groom her with a six month old occupying my time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying to crawl

I finally got video of Ansley trying to crawl. She's getting more coordinated each day. CAN'T believe it!

Visit to pumpkin patch

Let me just say that the little trip my friends and I planned to the pumpkin patch (I know it's not really a patch, but it's the closest we could find) was not as easy as I had envisioned. All Ansley was interested in was licking the pumpkins and shoving her mouth full of hay. I didn't get a single photo of her smiling at me. But, I think she had fun with her friends.

Busy, busy, busy

That's what we've been these past couple of weeks. We've taken Ansley to a wedding outside of Waco, home to our parents, and to the State Fair of Texas. I've posted a few photos of our fun.

Ansley has also been busy learning to pull to sitting on her own and has even started crawling a little bit and is trying to pull up on furniture. It's funny how new milestones come in bundles. Her daddy had to lower the crib last night because I think she would climb right out of it if she could. We've had a really rough few nights without much sleep. On top of all of the new tricks, Ansley is also teething and it has made her VERY irritable. She's chewing on anything that will fit in her mouth. She's napping right now and I should be too, but I know that our family really likes looking at new photos. I'll post some more soon of our trip to the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The aftermath

So here's what Ansley looked like after eating her chicken noodle dinner with sweet potatoes and corn tonight. I didn't even bother cleaning her up with a wipe...just straight to the bathtub. She also got to sit in the tub without her baby tub tonight for the first time and loved it!

What a mess that little girl is!

Blackberries and apples anyone?

Here's what Ansley's daily menu looks like these days:

Breakfast - milk and then cereal with fruit (usually bananas, apples, or pears)
Lunch - just milk
Dinner - milk and a meat, vegetable, and fruit

She LOVES bananas, apples and blackberries, pears, applesauce, sweet potatoes and corn
She doesn't really like chicken noodle dinner, green beans, or peaches

I've found that if I mix her sweet potatoes and corn with the yucky meat, she likes it a lot more.

I kept reading on other blogs that six months old was the "magic age" in which the baby kinda figured sleeping out and things started running more smoothly. I think it's happened with Ansley. She actually wants to nap in her crib these days. In fact, for the past couple of days she has thrown a huge fit and wouldn't stop crying until I finally put her in her crib and she fell right to sleep. She wants nothing to do with me rocking her anymore. I hope that changes because I miss it. But, I was so worried for the longest time that she refused to nap in her crib so I'm really happy she finally likes it.

We've also had a lot of fun lately on our Thursday morning playdates with friends from church. There are about six of us that get together and we all have at least one baby. It's great that Ansley will have so many friends her age. She even has a friend named Avadelle that lives just down the street. We're going to play with them tonight while the daddies are out fishing!

Monday, October 5, 2009

How does this stinkin' thing work?

Ansley's trying to drink out of a sippy cup now and can't quite get the hang of it. She thinks it's a chew toy more than anything. Or something to bang against everything around her to make noise. It's pretty entertaining to watch. I could sit and laugh at that little girl forever.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A rainy day

Well, it's been raining almost all day so Ansley and I have been inside hanging out and trying to keep busy so we're not too bored. I have been looking forward to the Aggie game all day and thought it was going to be broadcast on KBTX, but they tricked me and only aired the pregame show. Talk about disappointed since that was going to be the highlight of my day. I did get to make a dress for Ansley between rocking her, putting her down for a nap, and trying to keep her happy. I love this pattern! I purchased it online and it goes up to sizes for a 12 year old, so Ansley's going to have lots of dresses like these. And yes, I do like bright colors. Ansley can pull them off since she's a precious little baby, but I would never attempt to wear anything that colorful myself.

The doctor gave the go ahead to give Ansley 2nd foods now. She had green beans the other day and today we tried corn and sweet potatoes for the first time. She absolutely loved it. She got peaches for dessert, but wasn't too sure about those. I tasted them and thought they were pretty gross. She made a bitter face every time I put the spoon in her mouth. I tried getting a photo but wasn't quick enough.

Look what I can do, Mom!

Guess who learned how to pull up and chew on her crib rail? That was about the funniest thing I've ever seen when I went into Ansley's room yesterday. She first pulled up to look down at Molly, our Cocker Spaniel. Then I guess she realized the bar was there and that it would be tasty.

By the way, Ansley had her six month doctor's appointment Wednesday and we learned that she is a big girl. She's in the 100th percentile for height and weight, but the doctor said that's okay because her height and weight are proportionate. Of course she's big...her dad is 6'3. The doctor assured me that she won't be huge all her life, but some babies just grow faster than others. I'm just happy to have such a beautiful healthy baby. She had four shots that day, but she's a tough girl.