Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our 1 1/2 year old

Sweet Heidi Reese,
What a whirlwind these last 18 months have been with you! You are busy, busy, busy and don't stop unless you're asleep. You are a great blessing to our lives and it's hard to remember what life was like before you. More about you:
-You are sweet and very sassy! We're going through an interesting stage with you right now since you've learned to be more independent. We're definitely having to teach you a lot about patience and obedience.
-You have a sweet, mischevious smile and the sweetest little dimple. And I love how your eyes squinch up with that grin.
-You have caught up on your height to be average in the 50th percentile, but are still on the small side in terms of weight at 21 pounds and in the 15-25th percentile. Still just perfect to us.
-You love to read and be read to and your favorite books are about ducks. You love to quack as we read the stories.
-You still like to "wake up slow" as your dad says and will get very cranky if we try to get you going to quickly in the morning.
-You're gaining more and more words and understand so much around you now. You can respond with a shake of the head and a no. And, that's your favorite word, too!
-You are into everything! I'm constantly catching you with my toothbrush and toothpaste. Or dragging everything out of the cabinets. Or climbing on the table.
We love you, Heidi Reese! Can't wait to see how you grow in the next 18 months.

Three and a half...going on 16

Our sweet Ansley Grace,
You reached three and a half years old on the first of October and I just want to let you know what a joy and blessing you are to our lives. I am so proud of the little girl you've become and am excited to see how the Lord blesses your life and continues to use you as a blessing to others. Your growing interest and love of Him is encouraging and I can't wait for the day that you make the decision to accept Him as your Savior. More about you:
-You talk a lot! To everyone around you, including the cashiers at the grocery store, and even yourself. You also love to make up songs and sing at the top of your lungs, pretending that the brick hearth is your stage.
-You are very loving to your sister (most of the time).
-You are a great helper and love to be in the middle of everything I'm doing, especially cooking.
-You love "school time" and the attention you get when we sit at the table to work on your alphabet and numbers.
-You're doing Cubbies this year and are doing a great job memorizing and reciting scripture. You've earned your vest and a patch so far.
-You're also involved in gymnastics and ballet, but love ballet most. You seem to be a natural dancer and I think it's something you will enjoy for a long time.
-No naps for you anymore. It's been this way for a while now and it makes me a little sad.
-You have such a sweet and thoughtful heart. You spontaneously tell me you love me all the time and it's one of the things I love most about you. You are so loving.
-You are THE girliest girl I've ever seen. You love all things frilly, fluffy, sparkly, and pretty. You refuse to wear anything but dresses and skirts. You even want to wear tutus over your pajamas for bed.
We love you, Ansley! What a sweet blessing you are to everyone you meet.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a little bit cooler!

Since the temperature has dropped and it's a bearable 91 degrees outside, the girls and I got to go to the playground for the first time since last spring. It's just been TOO HOT! Only in Texas would 91 degrees feel like such a relief. My sister likes to throw it in my face that the high where she lives in California has been in the upper 70s until they had a warm front and the highs reached 85. Oh my goodness!
But, fall is in the air. I can't wait for crisp mornings, windows open, screen door slapping behind my girls going outside to enjoy the day, fall decorating, pumpkins, and warm drinks on the porch. Oh, and some Aggie football!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heidi's 15 months!

This post is a little late because we have been so busy this summer. You turned 15 months a couple of weeks ago and had to go to the doctor for a check up and shots. Here's a little bit about you at this age:
-You were only 20 pounds, which put you in the 15th percentile for height and weight. It seems that you're going to be a little girl and short like mommy. But, I love that about you and it makes me happy that you take after me in that way.
-At the time of the appointment you had about 5 words, but have added more since then. You can say uh-oh, shoes, bye bye, momma, mommy, cheese, baby, and there are more that I just can't think of off the top of my head.
-You love to cuddle, especially when you wake up.
-You have started "reading" books. You like to climb into the chair and babble to yourself as you look at the pictures. You also bring the books to me, but get impatient as I read and change the page.
-You climb on everything!
-You're sharing a room with your sister now and seem to love it.
-You and Ansley fight A LOT! You have started grabbing her toys, grinning at her, and then running off in the other direction so she will chase you. It makes her so mad!
-You are wearing some size 12 months, but mostly 18 months and just moved up to size 4 shoes.
-You still take two naps a day and go to sleep so easily. But, you wake up so early! I can usually hear you talking or squealing at 6:30.
We love you, precious Heidi! I can't imagine how you will change over the next few months. You are such a sweet blessing to us!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who am I?

How do I even begin this post? I have so much I want to say, but it's not my nature to just blurt out my opinion or where I stand. Or to be bold. That's the problem. I feel like over the past week I have been overwhelmed with the reality of living in a fallen world. The terrible shooting in Colorado, the backlash Chickfila is facing for their biblical stance on marriage, the arguments for atheism I have seen on Facebook, the Darwin bumper sticker on the truck parked next to me at HEB. I know they've always been there, but my heart is broken this week. For them, and because they all have the boldness to proclaim their lack of faith, and I question if people really know what I stand for.
Sure, I talk about my love for Christ with my family, my friends, and my little girls. But I want my acquaintances, people I've only met once, and people who may read this blog that I've never met before to know. And it's not about me. It's about my Savior. So, this is who I am:
-I am a daughter of the King.
-I have always known of Jesus, but really only accepted His gift in high school. I made plenty of mistakes after my salvation, but it was Jesus that I always came back to. And these situations are an incredible part of my testimony that I've already gotten to use more than once.
-I believe not only because of the facts, but because His Holy Spirit fills me up. I cannot explain the joy and peace I feel in praying, thinking of my Savior, just soaking Him up. And, you know what? If these people who argue ignorance of Christians are right (and obviously I don't believe that), the worst I've done is live a beautiful happy life, full of love. And if they're wrong about their beliefs? Much worse ending than mine.
-I am hurt for the Lord when I hear people argue against Him.
-I believe 100% of what the Bible says. All of it. I believe it's the actual Word of God. I trust it. I desire to obey it.
-My biggest goal is to teach my daughters to love the Lord deeply. I pray for their salvation at an early age. I pray that they can see my love for Christ.
-My constant sin breaks my heart.
-I want to be bold. I want exude His love. I want to draw people closer to Him because they see me as different. I know I have a long way to go, but it is my goal.
-I am blessed way beyond what I deserve. This life I'm living could not be more beautiful. And part of the reason is because I'm married to a man who loves the Lord so much too. We really are one. We strive to be the biblical model of marriage. He's the leader of our family and loves me as Christ loves the church and I love, honor, respect, and submit to him. God's standards for marriage are good and are meant for our good.
I want people to know the real me. This is who I am. I am a follower of Christ and am going to be more bold about it. Because what do I have to lose? Family? No. Friends? No. My Savior? Never.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funny little Ansley

Static hair!
Ansley drawing a picture of Mommy.
Finished artwork. Not sure what the frown was about.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Antonio Trip

On the Riverwalk: dinner at Casa Rio, walked along the river, visited the Alamo, explored the Menger Hotel.
Our Seaworld Adventure:
We woke up Wednesday morning to torrential rain and flash flooding, but nothing was stopping us from a fun day at Seaworld. We put on our swimsuits and left the hotel at 10:00 when the rain started slowing and got there at 10:30.
First on the itinerary was feeding and petting the dolphins. That was a big hit with the kids and Jeff, who taunted them with the little fish. Then, we walked over to the aquarium and shark tank to see the fish. We watched shows, including the skiing and wakeboarding, the beluga whale and dolphin show, and the Shamu show. Ansley just couldn't understand why she couldn't get in the tank and swim with Shamu.
Ansley's favorite thing at Seaworld by far was the Sesame Street Bay of Play. She climbed all over the rope and tunnel playground, watched the characters sing, met her favorite character, Zoe, and rode some of the rides. Heidi was hilarious to watch because she just enjoyed it so much too. Her eyes were so big when the characters came out and she was intrigued by Zoe. As long as I was next to her, she would inch closer and closer, but would then squeal, turn and run. And she danced every time they sang.

Frio River Fun

What were we up to last week?
Floating the FRIO, games of 42, homemade ice cream, ROPE SWINGIN', playing with the kiddos, 100TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, snow cones in Hondo, bodysurfing, ATE GOOD (as my husband says), Cory Morrow concert at House Pasture, ran into friends, ENJOYED FAMILY.

11th Annual 4th of July Skeet Shoot