Tuesday, December 27, 2011

8 months (a little late)

My precious Heidi,

Here's a little about you at 8 months and one week old...
-Not sure of your weight, but you still seem to be average and your clothing size is right on target with your age.
-You still have just the two bottom teeth.
-Sleep is not your favorite thing to do. In fact, I think you hate it. On a good night you wake twice to nurse, at 1 and 4. We're down to two naps a day, at 9 and 1.
-You are nursing every 3-4 hours and consistently eat breakfast and dinner. We're now working lunch into the daily meals. For breakfast you usually have cereal with a little fruit or yogurt with cereal. For dinner you eat a jar of meat/some sort of sweet veggie or fruit and half a jar of fruit.
-You crawl so fast and love to be chased. You will turn to practically beg me to chase you and then take off, laughing and squealing until I catch you.
-Your favorite place to play in the house is Ansley's room.
-You have started letting go of the furniture you're holding while standing. You can't stand on your own yet, but it won't be long. You seem to be very daring.
-You love for me to carry you all over the place and fuss when I walk away from you. I think you may be a momma's girl and that's okay with me.
-And the most exciting news of the month is that you were dedicated at church.

You've made it through your first holiday season. Each of them was so much fun with our two little girls, especially Christmas. I'm so looking forward to many more years of sweet memories with you and Ansley. Love you, Heidi!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo update for the fam

Ansley pulled every toy out of her toy box during naptime and just played too hard. She fell asleep right where she was playing.

She also has a new hairstyle. She asked this morning if I would put her "hair" in a ponytail. She loved it and I was afraid she would insist on wearing it out in public. I'm afraid the day is coming...

And what a cutie Heidi is! Doesn't she look mischievous?