Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heidi's 9 months!

Heidi is: -17 lbs and in the 25th percentile for height and weight. She's a petite little girl. -still not a great sleeper. The past month has been interesting, to say the least. Until three nights ago, she would wake an average of four times a night. I've tried everything...closing her door, turning up her sound machine, changing the sound on her machine, letting her cry it out, rocking her, feeding her, patting her back. Nothing seemed to work. Until I finally decided to try Tylenol before bed because I think she may be getting all four top teeth at once. She only woke once that night, but the nights since she's been waking twice, which is normal for her. I'll take that, though, because it's predictable and I know that at some point she'll start sleeping through the night. -teething. Two teeth on bottom and top side tooth. I expect to see the other top teeth anytime now. -still in love with her sister. I love watching them play and giggle at each other. Heidi especially loves playing chase. She will turn around to see if you're chasing her and then wheel around to crawl away, laughing hysterically. -standing on her own for a few seconds. -walking along furniture and while holding someone's hand. -eating mostly only the food we eat, cut into small pieces. When I try to feed her with a spoon she swats it away and flings food all over the place. She loves blueberries, avacado, string cheese, and grilled chicken. She's still nursing every four hours, too. -trying to use the sippy cup to drink water. -taking naps around 9 and 1:00. -in love with the Minnie Mouse doll my sister got her for Christmas. I often find her hugging it while asleep. -very, very, very active. The girl is only still when she's asleep. -saying momma while she follows me around the house. Almost one year old. How did that happen so quickly? It seems like I should still be pregnant with Ansley, still be carrying our first daughter. The last three years have been a blur and I cannot believe that I'll soon be 28 years old with two daughters, three and one. It's incredible to think about the way the Lord has blessed me beyond what I could have asked Him for. I can't wait to see what He has in store for us in years to come.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Could Save a Life

This is a post I've been meaning to write for almost 9 months now. I just got caught up in life with two little ones and forgot how passionate I was about the topic of cord blood donation until I saw a news article on it last week. So here's the story of how I got involved with it.

Before having Ansley, my first daughter, I had never heard of cord blood donation at all. I had, however, received many pamphlets and emails about cord blood banking and how the valuable stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood could be saved (for thousands of dollars) and used in the future by our family to treat diseases. Not only was that out of the question financially, I just felt like I wanted to trust the Lord rather than investing in something we may never even need to use. But, a few months after Ansley was born I saw a story on the morning news by a doctor who was encouraging women to consider donating their cord blood to a bank, where the stem cells could potentially be used to save the lives of people who were suffering from diseases. I didn't realize that this was even an option or that the blood was so valuable and there are so many possibilities for it. But, if the parents don't wish to bank or donate, the blood is thrown away by the hospital.

When I became pregnant with Heidi, I decided to investigate a little further to find out what all went into the donation. I got my information from The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center and found out that there really wasn't anything too difficult at all. I simply made the decision to donate, informed my doctor, sent an email to the center, and filled out the paperwork they sent. They mailed a box to me including everything that would be needed by the nurses and doctor and I took that with me to the hospital. They looked over it and just followed the directions immediately following Heidi's delivery. A few hours later, Jeff called FedEx to have them pick up the box at the hospital for delivery and we were done. And all of this cost us absolutely NOTHING. I'm not sure how the blood was used as some is not suitable for recipients and is used in research instead. But, I think it's such an easy thing to do and there is such potential for this cord blood to be used in so many wonderful ways. And because the stem cells come from the umbilical cord of healthy newborn babies and not from embryos, I am a big supporter.

So, this sweet little girl of mine may have saved another life.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What we've been up to...

Ansley's first horseback ride.

Bike riding with Momma.

Swingin' at the park.

And totally exhausted from all the fun.