Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ansley's 1st Day of Pre-K

Today was Ansley's official start of pre-k with our homeschool organization, Classical Conversations. Though we kind of started school a couple of weeks ago with her reading curriculum, this was our first time to visit the campus and learn what our time in "class" would look like. She has been so excited about today and I really tried to make it special and make a big deal out of her first day of school. I stuffed a new backpack with fun school supplies last night (and didn't forget to put a pile together for Heidi, too) and had it all waiting on the kitchen table for them when they got up this morning. We had their favorite breakfast of pancakes and sausage, got dressed in some new school clothes, and then took our first day pictures with backpacks. Heidi made sure to fill hers with some books.
So, why homeschool and what is Classical Conversations? Jeff and I made the decision to homeschool about a year ago after much talk and prayer. Since I have my degree in interdisciplinary studies and taught fifth grade for a few years, I'm so happy to be able to use what I've learned with my own children. Ansley loves to learn and is one of those children who will beg to do school and sit down for long periods of time to draw or practice handwriting. She enjoys the one on one time with me and I enjoy teaching her. So, it just makes sense for me to use my education and passion for teaching with her. We also desire to give her a firm foundation in Christ before we possibly send her to school at a later point. While I know that she would do well in public school (Jeff and I were both public school students), we agreed that she would benefit most intellectually and spiritually at home at least for now. And starting pre-k gives us the opportunity to get a year behind us before she would otherwise begin public school to make sure it's the right decision for our family. I'm still not sure of exactly how it's going to look day to day for us, but we'll learn as we go.
Classical Conversations is a nationwide homeschool group/curriculum that has local campuses and meets once a week for the tutor to present information to the students (history, geography, latin, science, some math). We're calling this "school" and during this time the kids will also get to do fine arts, presentations, and science experiments together. What I love most about it is their desire and emphasis on knowing God and making Him known and the opportunity to show how everything points to Him. From what I've seen so far, I think Ansley will love this time and is going to do so well. But, I'm going to try to be very flexible and really evaluate what I think works best for her each school year. We're excited to begin this journey and thankful that God has given us this opportunity!