Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 Months Old

Ansley Grace,

It hardly seems possible that it's already time for me to post about your ten month birthday. I know every month I go on and on about how much you've changed and I'll do it again this time. Here's what's new with you:
-You just cut your two top teeth about a week ago. They're so big compared to your little bottom teeth! And you're going to look so different when they finally get big enough to see when you smile. You've been a lot fussier with these two than you were with the bottom ones and they've really impacted your sleep.
-Sleep has been a real problem for the past couple of weeks. You've had your first illness, a cold, and were teething at the same time, which made for some really long nights.
-You've started standing on your own and are pretty stable. You can even dance without holding on to anything when you hear music. You dance anytime you hear it. It's so funny that you picked that up because I never taught you.
-A few days ago you took your first steps on your own. They were wobbly steps, but you were determined to get the cup I was holding just out of your reach. Now you do a sort of step, run, fall toward the furniture or us. I know that it will be a matter of time before you are running everywhere you go. And I really think that's going to be the only speed you have since you're such a quick little crawler. Grammy said today that we need to put you in a baby crawling race!
-What a big personality you have! You smile and laugh all the time and are such a happy baby (especially when you're getting your way). I look forward to seeing that precious smile every morning when I wake and I love finding you playing with the toys in your bed.
-You've always talked a lot, but now the talk sounds different. It's as if you have your own language and you expect me to know exactly what you're talking about. You also talk to your dolls and sometimes I'll find you singing to them. That is the most precious sound in the world.
-You still love to eat! I'm amazed at the amount of food you go through. You're favorites these days are wheat bread, string cheese, blueberries, cooked peas, and diced pears and peaches. You're still not too sure about bananas, kiwi, or avacado.
-You love being outside. We go on a lot of walks with our friends.

I love you so much, sweet Ansley!

Standing all by herself! I had to give her my phone to keep her from reaching for the camera.

Not a great photo, but I wanted to show her two new teeth. It was next to impossible to get her to lay still.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Swingin' with friends

Ansley got to enjoy the gorgeous weather today with her two buddies, Avadelle and Peter. She just loves swinging and it's even better when she gets to do it with friends.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hurry up spring!

Ansley and I are getting so tired of hanging out in the house all day while it's cold and rainy outside and Daddy is at work with the car. Today we got every toy out of the basket and played on the floor for hours. I stacked every toy that could be stacked and Ansley knocked them down. We're so looking forward to Sterling's birthday party tomorrow.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ansley's first Aggie basketball game

So much fun! Those of you that know Ansley well won't believe this, but she went to sleep during the game. In my arms. Was still and quiet enough to go to sleep. For like 30 or 45 minutes. I was able to really enjoy the game and I told her that since she was so good for this game, maybe we'll take her to another one soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 Months Old


Since we brought you home just nine months ago, you have changed in ways that I could have never imagined. I used to try to picture you at this age, wondering what you would be doing. I still try to imagine what you will look like with hair, what you will be like as a two year old, if you will like doing girly things and wearing dresses or if you will rather be in jeans and working with Daddy. Will you always be so sure of what you want? Will you always smile so much and be comfortable around people you don't know? Will you always follow me around and hate being by yourself? (I know the answer to this...but I'm trying not to look forward to those years)

Here's what you're up to these days:
-You went to the doctor yesterday and you weigh 9 lbs 9 oz. and are 29 1/2 inches long. You're no longer in the hundredth percentile, but are 75th for weight and 95th for height. The doctor said that's normal since you're moving so much now.
-You are nursing only for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and right before bed.
-You love feeding yourself food and are eating less baby food. You love diced peaches, toast, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Really, there's nothing that you won't eat at this point.
-Speaking of eating, we have to keep the pacifier in your mouth because you try to eat everything. It amazes me how you can find the tiniest speck on the floor. I'm sweeping at least twice a day.
-You understand the word "no" and when you're doing something you're not supposed to, like trying to eat shoes, and I say your name, you quickly wheel around and crawl off at lightning speed.
-You've started hugging me and I love it! Sometimes you just want to sit hugging me for a while.
-You sometimes pull those big bows off your head, so you're wearing them less. Just wait until you have hair long enough for pig tails and I put TWO big bows up there!
-You're walking while holding onto the furniture and you fall a lot.
-Your daddy taught you to climb last weekend. You've even climbed on top of the hearth and behind the fireplace.
-If I walk out of the room, you follow me. All day, every day. You just can't stand being alone.

The doctor's visit yesterday was traumatic. Besides getting your flu shot, you also had to get your blood drawn to make sure you have enough iron. This is routine for nine month olds. I took you to the lab and they tied a little band around each arm and poked around with their fingers to find your tiny veins. Then, they told me that I would have to hold you tight and asked if I would be able to handle it because a lot of moms can't. I knew I wanted to be the one to hold you because they wouldn't be able to comfort you like I can. So, they stuck the needle in your arm and had to poke around to get the vein. You cried hard because it hurt so much, but when they were finished you were just fine. We came home and Daddy rocked you and you took a good nap.

Ansley, I'm so proud and blessed to be your mommy and your daddy feels the same way. You're such a sweet little girl and we love you!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trip to the Hill Country

We rang in the new year with our friends Nathaniel, Tara, and Avadelle in Concan and had such a great time. It was beautiful there and just really relaxing. The boys did a lot of hunting and the girls spent a lot of time in front of the fireplace. Here are a few pics from the trip...

Exploring a cave.

Just so you know, this is not really a cliff. It's only like a two foot drop and Nathaniel was ducking on the other side of Ansley. I would NEVER put her in a dangerous situation.

Photo catch up

I'm so late posting these photos of Ansley's Christmas. We've been all over the state of Texas for the past few weeks and things are finally beginning to slow down again. Now maybe I can find the time to make Ansley some clothes using my new machine.

Check out my cool new wagon.

I REALLY like it!