Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer vacation in photos

4th of July and the Frio River

Graham's Birthday

Since time is flying and our sweet boy is already almost 2 months old, I decided I'd better get his birth story written. I just really can't believe how the days are filled with activity and we are moving through them so quickly. While it seems like his birthday was just yesterday, I also feel like I've known him forever and that he's been a part of our family for so long. So, his birth story goes like this...
At 36 weeks pregnant I had my regularly scheduled appointment with my OB and found out that I was already at a 3 and 70% effaced. I had been having some contractions that were uncomfortable, but nothing too painful. The morning of my appointment I had been doing some yard work and was having some pain, but just attributed it to that. Jeff was at his parents' house for several days helping his dad harvest the wheat, so after I found out about the progress I had already made, I called to let him know. I think we were both pretty surprised. The doctor suggested that I rest and take it easy to try to avoid going into labor before I reached 37 weeks.
The following week I had an early morning appointment on Monday and found out that I was almost at a 4 and was about 80% effaced. By this time I was 37 weeks and having pretty uncomfortable and frequent contractions, but nothing that was consistent enough to time. Dr. Gayle estimated that I would have Graham in 72 hours, but that if I came in to my appointment on Wednesday morning and was a 4, he would admit me. We called Martha that day and asked if she would come stay with us in case it happened before the appointment and she came that night.
On Tuesday, June 18, we had a pretty busy day. All of us made a shopping trip to Gander Mountain and Sam's because I decided I was going to walk what I was pretty sure was a gigantic baby out. That night we had dinner at Frank and Misty's and then took a ride out to the land. I had hoped that the bumpy ride would bring on contractions like it had a couple of weeks before and I guess that did the trick. I started having them, but still nothing regular enough to time. I had been instructed not to come until I had contractions that came every 5 minutes for an hour. Jeff and I stayed up late watching the NBA finals, then went to bed around 11. At midnight I was woken up by sharp contractions that kept coming closer and closer. I remember watching the clock and telling myself that I would wake Jeff up at 12:30 to tell him if they continued. When I woke him, I told him that I would wait until 1:00 and if they were worse we would go. He just rolled over and went back to sleep. But, I woke him again five minutes later and told him we needed to go.
It was such a short drive to the hospital and like the two times before with Ansley and Heidi, it seemed so surreal. I was admitted close to 1:00, my doctor was called and I was hooked up to the machines. The anesthesiologist came in at 3:45 and Graham was born at 10:00 on Wednesday morning. Those hours before he was born were wonderful because I finally had pain relief after days of contractions and back and hip pain and Jeff and I just got to sleep and be alone together in the peace and quiet. When it was finally time to push, I expected for Graham to come out quickly and easily like the girls did, but I had to push much harder and for a little longer than I had before. It felt like there were a ton of people in the room, too. There were three or four nurses, my doctor, Jeff, and a firefighter/EMT in training (which wasn't as weird as it sounds. I don't know why. Maybe because there were already so many people in there. Maybe because Jeff had to watch deliveries when he was in training and I figured it was just something this guy, who was around our age, had to do).
Anyway, Graham finally made it out and was just perfect. I was immediately in love with him and was so relieved that he was a boy since I had a secret fear that he was going to be a girl and we already had his room done in navy blue. He weighed 6.14 lbs and was 21 inches of pure sweetness. I was surprised to see the little dimple in his chin, but not surprised at all that he looked like his daddy. We had lots of visitors that day and the next and went home Thursday afternoon. The next few days Jeff, Graham, and I spent alone together because the grandparents took the girls. It was a sweet time of rest, quiet, cuddles, and getting used to our new little boy. God has blessed our family so much. I wasn't sure I would ever be the mother of a boy and I'm so thrilled that I get to experience it all. What wonderful blessings all of our precious children are!