Friday, October 21, 2011

6 months

Heidi, you're 6 months! While I can't believe I already have daughters that are 2 1/2 and 6 months, it seems like I've known you all my life and you've just always been here. I don't even remember what life was like before children. This is without a doubt the happiest time of my life so far. Your daddy, sister, and you are all such wonderful blessings in my life and there's not one single thing I would change. God has taught me so much about being His child, a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and mother through my sweet girls.

About you, sweet Heidi, at 6 months:
-ACTIVE!!! That's an understatement. You began crawling about 2 weeks ago, sitting up unsupported 1 week ago, and just yesterday started pulling up to standing. Daddy is going to have to lower your crib mattress today. If you are awake, you're moving. And if you're asleep, you're not that way for long.
-Speaking of sleep, you have transitioned to two naps this week. But, you're still waking several times at night and I've started letting you cry it out, but that can last for a really long time and you get hysterical. I think you're pretty dramatic, which must come naturally as the second daughter. ( Ha, Aunt Mandy!) Mommy is very tired and is looking forward to the first night of uninterrupted sleep.
-At your six month appointment you were 15 lbs, 10 oz and are still in the 50 percentile for height and weight.
-You are still nursing every 3 hours, but are also eating cereal for dinner. I have mixed in applesauce, sweet potatoes, and bananas so far. We're going to add more food into your diet next week, but I have to figure out what I'm doing all over again. How could I have already forgotten and I just did this two years ago?
-You are true to your age in terms of clothing size and we are running into problems since it's turned a little cooler because Ansley was quite a bit bigger than you at this age, so the cold weather clothes of hers are all too big.

I'm looking forward to celebrating your very first holidays soon! We're planning a fun night of trick-or-treating with your sister, family Thanksgiving here at our house, and traveling for Christmas. Sure to be lots of fun!

Love you sweet Heidi Reese.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More of my pumpkins

I had to add this one in because it's proof that she does belong to me. I think she looks a little like me in this photo.

I took the girls to the pumpkin patch (well, field of pumpkins on pallets) this morning in hopes of some great pics of the two of them together. Got a few... I keep thinking this is the year to get Ansley to sit still and smile for the camera, but I think it's actually getting more difficult. She kept saying, "I want to play with the kids, Mommy." Kinda sad.

But, aren't they the cutest sisters? I'm so blessed and thankful for these two daughters.

Look how much our group of friends has grown! And there are even more on the way.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heidi's First Annual Pumpkin Pictures

More to come Thursday when we take both girls for their first pumpkin pics together. This has become a fun tradition with friends and I can't wait to compare this year's pictures with those in previous years.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let the races begin!

Well, two days ago it happened. Heidi took her first lurches of freedom. Nothing of Ansley's is safe anymore and the fighting has begun. I have to baby-proof the house all over since I now have a crawler on my hands again. Since taking this video, Heidi has been working on perfecting coordination between her arms and legs and is getting faster. A whole new world has opened up to her; she's venturing into Ansley's room and the tile in the kitchen and it doesn't take long for her to be fifteen feet away from where I last saw her. I let Ansley eat a "picnic" lunch on the living room floor today and came back into the room just as she was yelling at Heidi and pushing her out of her plate of chips and strawberries.

These precious girls keep me busy, entertained, worn out, and totally happy. I love to see the way Heidi watches her big sister with such amazement and curiosity. She still thinks Ansley is the funniest person in the world. I can't wait for my daughters to be best friends like my sister and are. What a special relationship sisters have and I'm so blessed to get to cultivate that between my two girls. So excited for many memories to come!