Friday, February 26, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching up

I haven't posted in a while because I've just been so busy with Ansley. She's taking more steps on her own now, is eating mostly table food, is getting two more teeth, and is just so much fun to play with. Her newest thing is her attachment to a certain stuffed animal she has. It's been in her bed since she was born and now she hugs it so tight and will hardly put it down. My mom and Jeff named it Abu because that's what Ansley kept calling it one day, but I'm not sure if the name fits. I always think of the little monkey on Aladdin and this is a sweet little pink hippo... Anyway, it's just precious to watch her hug and pat Abu like I do her.

A few days ago we all went home to East Texas to visit our family. Grandpa (my dad) took us to the Tyler zoo and we had such a great time. I've always loved the zoo and it was fun to see Ansley enjoying it too. We did have a little issue in the reptile house because Ansley and I were both pushing the stroller, but I let go when I saw that a rattlesnake was eating a mouse and Ansley almost did a face plant. Luckily, Grandpa was standing right there and rescued her. ( I made that sound a little more dramatic than it really was)

I'm trying to post photos, but am having problems with blogger. I'll get them up eventually.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My sweet valentine

Ansley has changed so much since my last post. She has just really blossomed and is so funny to watch now. It's like the world has come alive for her and she's busy all day long trying to figure out how things work, putting her toys in their proper places, trying to walk, talking actual words, and eating big girl food. My mom always told me that 10 months was her favorite age for babies and now I understand why. I guess it all happened a couple of days ago and since then I feel like I've just been laughing at her nonstop and beaming because I love her so much and I think she's the cutest thing I've ever seen. So here's what she's been doing:
~Talking: I started saying uh-oh to her and she's been saying it every time she drops her pacifier or toy. I woke up at 5:00 the other morning to her saying it over and over again and couldn't help smiling. I walked in her room to find all of her stuffed animals on the floor with her pacifier. She just smiled the biggest smile...I guess she thought I was going to let her get up.
~Walking: She's been taking a few steps at a time by herself. And she's so good at steering that walker. She just goes all over the house like she has a destination. Jeff said the other day at church that she took six or seven steps on her own.
~Dancing: She dances any time she hears music. It's funny when she's standing up because she squats and bounces up and down.
~Eating: We're down to nursing only for breakfast and dinner and that's not because she even wants it, but because I'm concerned about her getting all of the vitamins and nutrients she needs. She'll definitely be weaned by her first birthday. She will eat anything and especially loves beans, wheat bread with cheese and sliced turkey, blueberries, and string cheese.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Almost walking!

Ansley was given a new toy yesterday by her Aunt Sister that she absolutely loves! It's so funny seeing her walk behind it like a little grown-up. She pushes it to her desired destination (which is usually to a cell phone, computer, or the remote) and just smiles so big like she's proud of herself. I cannot imagine what it will be like in another month or two when she's walking all over the place...