Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heidi's 3!

Sweet, spunky little Heidi Reese:
What a funny, delightful, entertaining little thing you are! You fill my days with laughter and are just so sweet...most of the time. Here's a little more about you now:
-You're still petite. You are true to your age with clothing size and can even wear some size 2. You've got a cute little pixie look to you with short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. You've kept the dimple in your cheek and also have a couple more near your nose when you smile.
-Your favorite thing to do is whatever Ansley is doing. You love to agitate her and are really good at ignoring her commands when you're playing together.
-You love to cuddle with Mommy and are very loving to everyone around you, telling us you love us an endless number of times throughout the day. You're especially fond of your baby brother and I'm constantly having to tell you to get off of him and to give him space.
-This year you started ballet and I loved seeing you dressed up in your pink tights and leotard. You were pretty funny to watch too. Most of the time you fluttered around the room in your own world and sometimes ran up to kiss the mirror. -You're so loud!
-One of my favorite things about you is the funny way you say different words. Ansley, Daddy, and I get a big kick out of the way you say "maked" for naked, "stunk" for skunk, "toison" for poison, and "wallermellon" for watermelon. nd your little voice is just so cute.
-You've gotten pretty clingy to me lately and I guess it's a middle child thing. Funny thing is that you get most of my attention.
I love you, sweet Heidi Reese! What a fun adventure these past three years have been.

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