Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ansley's 5!

**These birthday posts are about two months late, but better late than never. Right?
Ansley Grace,
Where have the last five years gone? You have grown from a baby into a beautiful little girl before my eyes. Here's a little bit about you at this age:
-You're still super tall and in the 95th percentile for height. You've kept your beautiful blonde hair so far and just got your first haircut a few days ago. There wasn't much to cut and it didn't change your look much, but you enjoyed every minute of it. You're also starting to get little freckles on your nose and cheeks and I'm going to claim those as coming from me.
-We just finished your first official year of homeschooling (prekindergarten) with Classical Conversations. We had such a great school year and you really enjoyed our time at home and going to "school" one day a week to learn, do science experiments and fine arts, and play with your friends. You also started a reading curriculum and have started reading short vowel words on your own. We're keeping it up this summer and you will learn long vowels in a few days.
-You were also involved in Awanas at church and began dance. Dancing is definitely something you love to do.
-You're personality is so sweet, compassionate, and loving. You're also pretty mature and responsible for your age and I can count on you to obey and be a big help with your sister and brother. You have a great imagination and love to play with your Barbies, dress up, and pretend you're Elsa. You and Heidi spend most of the day playing together, with a little bit of fighting.
-You are still so girly and love to wear dresses and skirts.
-But, you've also started helping your Daddy more and really enjoyed helping him combine the wheat recently. Daddy even said you fell asleep while riding around with him.
You are such a blessing to our family, Ansley. We love you so much!

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